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About Form 1128

Name of sponsor Select the sponsor of the trust from the drop-down list. Distributions to shareholders and owners of the capital Stock of the trust Enter the number of shares in which the trust received distributions for the first year preceding the year of change. For the trust and shareholder, enter the number of shares the distribution represented. Shares transferred From the corporation's account Enter the date the shareholder transferred shares to the trust. From another person's account Enter the date and amount of the transaction. For example, share transfers occurred on April 1, 1999, through May 31, 1999. Shareholders and owners of the capital The following figures will be in the column designated by C, or Form 1128, Part III, Section C: Name of shareholder Enter only the shareholder's names. Owner of trust Enter only the shareholder or joint owners' names. Form of election/plan Enter all the information for the share transfer; this will include the date and amount of any distributions to the stockholders and owners of the capital Stock. Number of shares Enter the number of shares transferred by the shareholder to the trust, including additional shares transferred from the corporation's account. If the shareholder's spouse was a partner in a partnership, the partner's name will be entered in the Partner's name column. In the case of a partnership for which one partner is an employee of the partnership, the date of birth of the employee will be entered in the Employee's name column. If all the shareholders, together with employees and partners, have died or have not been identified, enter the date when the trust was created in the Trust date column. If no one is identified, the trust will be classified as a corporation. See the section entitled “What Is a Part of a Corporation?” for instructions regarding what to enter the "Name of Shareholder” and “Employee” columns and in the “Name of Part Owner” and “Partnership Income” columns. To enter the shareholder's personal income from any of the trust's capital owned property or from property held in trust in the Shareholder's income column, you must see what form of tax return was filed for the year of change. The trust may be on one return for the year of change and another for the year before. If one return is filed, enter the income on the return that filed. You must also see whether any adjustment was made to the shareholder's share under section 8314(b) in the shareholder's column.

What Is 1128?

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FAQ - Form 1128

What is the purpose of Form 1128?
When you receive a Form 1128, a Form 8802 or a Form 8810. The purpose of Form 1128 is to document which of these forms you used for the most recent tax year. You will probably use Form 1128 to reconcile the amount of tax withheld on the tax return that was processed using a Form 8802 or Form 8810, to the amounts of income tax that was withheld from your paychecks for the most recent tax year. The Form 1128 will determine this amount. Is there a penalty for failing to use Form 1128 when you are required to? This topic is covered in the General Information Topic No. 1. Why do I need a Form 1128 if it shows that my withholding was corrected on my tax return? In most situations the income tax return is the source for all income tax withholding. For example, you may be required to make an amount of tax withholding as the result of an overpayment of your W-2 wages or your tax return is due. The amount of tax withheld on the tax return that was processed using a Form 8810 or Form 8802 will usually be greater than the amount of income tax withheld from your paychecks on the tax return that generated the over collection. Because the amount of income tax withheld from your paychecks on the tax return that generated the over collection is greater than the amount that was owed, you may also be required to make an amount of tax withholding as a result of the overpayment you discovered. Is there a penalty for failing to use Form 1128 when I am not required to? No penalty will be imposed for failure to use Form 1128 when required to, if you pay tax electronically. Under certain circumstances, the filing status of certain individuals can be used on both a tax return and a Form 1128. Examples of persons who can file a return and who may be required to pay income tax using a Form 1128 are the following individuals: Certain individuals are required to file Form 1040X if their total adjusted gross income (AGI) is over 75,000 for the calendar year. However, you do not have to include Form 1040X on Schedule A when your AGI is 60,000 or less unless you include it on the Form 2106, which you file if your AGI is 60,000 or less. Certain individuals claiming the child tax credit are required to use Form 1040ES.
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