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When I say funeral this is probably what you think of right the cemetery the casket the gorgeous floral arrangements Vin Diesel stylish Lee going to buttons undone on the dress shirt but what if I told you that other than Dominic Toretto's effortless style this was probably the worst way you could dispose of a body this traditional casket in the ground method most of us are used to is what journalist Mark Harris calls a modern burial and that is the chemical embalming of the remains the burial of the body or the placement of the body into a metal casket and then the placing of that casket embalmed body the bottom of the grave that we call the burial vaults that's pretty much the American way of death aside from being a great name for a novel the American way of death actually turns out to be pretty terrible the average cost of modern burial runs on average from ten to twelve thousand dollars although you can talk to families you'll tell you that paid a lot more than that in many cases a lot more this kiss' casket alone will set you back 7 grand no word on if the answer included though the funeral industry has also been known to engage in predatory business practices like selling vulnerable families add-ons and services that they don't need they've also been the subject of a number of class-action lawsuits including one for conspiring to fix the prices of caskets at artificially high prices modern burials are also incredibly wasteful the average gravesite takes up 32 square feet of land in a cemetery and that's just space it uses a staggering amount of resources as well every year we divert enough concrete to the production of those burial vaults to lay two lane highway halfway across the country and every year we divert enough metal for those metal caskets to completely rebuild the Golden Gate Bridge the average 10 acre cemetery contains enough coffin wood to construct more than 40 homes and contains enough toxic formalin which is the main con of embalming fluids to fill a backyard swimming pool which almost sounds kind of fun right grill up some hot dogs toss some diving rings in for the kids to fetch not so fast formal in which is the formaldehyde based preservative solution in Ballmer's use is incredibly toxic OSHA deems it a dangerous carcinand strictly regulates its use and the EPA treats it as a hazardous waste in Ballmer's experience higher levels of brain colon and prostate cancer as well as leukemia to embalm a typical body requires three pounds of this formalin solution and sends 120 gallons of untreated funeral waste directly into the sewage system including blood fecal matter organ fluid and carcinogenic chemicals as well as whatever unknown diseases the body contains okay cool so modern funerals suck but what are the other options well let's start with cremation countries all.


What is the IUPAC name of CH3CH2ONa?
IUPAC drives me crazy sometimes.Nomenclature of Organic Chemistry (RSC Publishing) Henri A Favre, Warren H PowellP- Anions derived from hydroxy compounds (p 1071)The traditional names methoxide, ethoxide, propoxide (but not isopropoxide), butoxide, tert-butoxide, phenoxide, and aminoxide, for [math]CH_3O^-[/math], [math]C_2H_5O^-[/math], [math]C_3H_7O^-[/math], [math]C_4H_9O^-[/math],[math](CH_3)_3CO^-[/math], [math]C_6H_5O^-[/math], and [math]H_2NO^-[/math] , are retained as preferred IUPAC names.P-77.2 Salts derived from Alcohols (p 1128)Preferred IUPAC names are binary names formed by citing the name of the cation followed by that of the anion (see P- ).HUH??So if we need to name only the anion (ethoxide) we need to use the traditional names, but if we combine it with sodium we need to use the systematic name (sodium ethanolate)??C’mon IUPAC get a grip !! This doesn’t make sense !!So I double checked the errata.Corrections to Blue BookThe example that I copied was from page 1128; this page is not mentioned in the errata, but it is clear from the correction on page 719 that IUPAC intends to use the traditional names.Sosodium ethoxide (PIN)sodium ethanolate (accepted for general nomenclature)
What is so special about Kendriya Vidyalaya?
Being a KVian is a boon itself. It’s a package of thousands of services at just minute cost as in form of fees. I have done my whole academics from Kendriya Vidyalaya .World Class Teachers - The teachers which qualify to prservices to KV are highly dignified and qualified. They very well know how to deal with the psychology of the children. They nourish them well. They prthem morals and values.Negligible amount of fees.Sports Meets/ Science/Social Science Exhibitions - Every year Kendriya Vidyalaya organises a number of events to test and augment the knowledge of children and their physical skills and in return they prthem resources to take their talent to zenith.Even I have got prizes in such events many times.House Distribution System - I found it very good because it brings spirit to do better than the previous day.Best Infrastructure- 1128 Kendriya Vidyalaya are their in World from which 1125 are in India. And every school have an excellent infrastructure.Well Mannered Students- A student can be good or bad in studies but he/she should always be well mannered. Teachers teach to behave well, be a sophisticated person.Top Rank Generator- Every year most of the KVians stood the positions in merit.Best mobility- Parents who work for defence usually get posted in every 2–3 years. Since KV is available everywhere in INDIA. So, they easily get transfer their children’s school.Region Distribution - I found this system good because it allows the authorities to monitor the performance of schools wisely.The feel which you’ll get in Kendriya Vidyalaya is awesome in it’s own. Students feel proud that they got passed out from KV. It have established remarkable resources just the need is to utilise them.
How can I prepare for the NCHMCT JEE 2022 to get into IHM Mumbai?
Hey!In order to get enrolled in IHM Mumbai you need have a very good rank in the JEE exam. You can check online in the IHM Mumbai website for the cut off in 2018.You asked about how to prepare for the JEE exam. Well, I cant’t comment on that because I didn’t prepare at all for the exam. I was all set to join a private college in Hyderabad. But I had filled the NCHMCT form and my mother said “Paisa diya ha to exam de hi de, Kya jaata ha! “ So, I just appeared for the exam with no expectations and target in mind. I didn’t even check the result. One of my friends said that the result is out and my AIR is 1128. I was happy! It has been 8 years though.However, I would like to say that in the exam hall you will have opportunities to ask others and kind of cheat. I would strongly advise not to do that. There is negative marking for wrong answers. I got a good rank only because I just wrote what I knew and I skipped what I didn’t know. After my admission in IHM Goa I heard that there are books and practice papers available for the preparation. You may go for them.The paper is very easy. But it is easy for everybody. You will not be asked very difficult questions. It will be basic of everything that you have studied in school till 10th. So don’t be afraid and don’t set targets that you have to score “this” rank to get to IHM Mumbai and all. This will create a pressure on you and you may even mess up things which you know. Just chill, and give your best.Thanks!
How do I sell software with its license?
I’m one of the developers behind the Cryptolens platform, which I think can help you with both the licensing and selling of your software.LicensingThe following code snippet can be copied directly into your app, which will enable key verification. The example below is in C#; you can find examples with other languages on the help pages. If you happen to be using .NET, you can read more about how the RSAPubKey and Auth variables can be retrieved from the platform here.This should be added as namespaces:using SKM.V3; using SKM.V3.Methods; using SKM.V3.Models; Here’s the actual key verification code:var licenseKey = "GEBNC-WZZJD-VJIHG-GCMVD"; var RSAPubKey = "{enter the RSA Public key here}"; var auth = "{access token with permission to access the activate method}"; var result = Key.Activate(token: auth, parameters: new ActivateModel { Key = licenseKey, ProductId = 3349, Sign = true, MachineCode = Helpers.GetMachineCode }); if (result == null || result.Result == ResultType.Error || !result.LicenseKey.HasValidSignature(RSAPubKey).IsValid ) { // an error occurred or the key is invalid or it cannot be activated // (eg. the limit of activated devices was achieved) Console.WriteLine("The license does not work."); } else { // everything went fine if we are here! Console.WriteLine("The license is valid!"); } Console.ReadLine ; In order for the code to work, you only need to install the Cryptolens.Licensing package from NuGet (source code), which will work on both the .NET Framework and .NET Standard.PaymentsPayments can be processed using both Stripe and PayPal, and support for them comes out-of-the box in Cryptolens. You can read more about the technical aspects here.AnalyticsThe platform has built-in AI-backed price suggestion engine that allows you to optimize pricing of your software. In addition, you also get access to a comprehensive analytics about the usage of the software and analyse progress.Please reach out to me in case you have any questions!
What's the best software licensing solution out there?
I’m the founder of a suite of licensing and distribution APIs called Keygen, which can help you get up and running quickly without having to host and write your own licensing server.I saw that at the time the licensing “solutions” I found, frankly, sucked—most were made for enterprise software and their pricing and documentation reflected such. I eventually built Keygen to scratch my own itch and pra developer-centric licensing service that didn’t suck.Like I mentioned above, I built Keygen with developers at the forefront, especially those who build desktop apps and on-prem software.I loved services like Stripe’s payments API, so I figured the licensing side of building a business needed an intuitive API too. And since it’s just an API (i.e. there’s no software that you need to package with your app), Keygen can be used in any programming language.In its simplest form, validating a license with Keygen is as easy as hitting a single API endpoint,curl -X POST https://api.keygen.sh/v1/accounts/demo/licenses/actions/validate-key \ -H 'Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json' \ -H 'Accept: application/vnd.api+json' \ -d '{ "meta": { "key": "B8A5-91D7-CB9A-DAE4-4F6E-1128" } }' (You can actually run that snippet in a terminal to test validating a real license.)In addition to license management, Keygen also offers API endpoints to manage your users, as well as the machines they use your app on, which is very useful if you want to implement multiple licenses per-user (e.g. feature licenses), machine-locked licenses or if you just want to know how many machines each user has.Keygen also has another API to handle licensed product distribution.
Is there downloadable PHP or SaaS software available which allows one to easily issue and manage license keys for desktop-based software? If so, what is it?
I’m the founder of a software licensing SaaS API called Keygen, which can help you get up and running quickly without having to host and write your own licensing server. I built Keygen with indie developers in mind, especially developers who build desktop apps. Since it’s just an API (i.e. there’s no software that you need to package with your app), Keygen can be used in any programming language.In its simplest form, validating a license with Keygen is as easy as hitting a single API endpoint,curl -X POST https://api.keygen.sh/v1/accounts/b18e3f3/licenses/actions/validate-key \ -H 'Content-Type: application/vnd.api+json' \ -H 'Accept: application/vnd.api+json' \ -d '{ "meta": { "key": "B8A5-91D7-CB9A-DAE4-4F6E-1128" } }' In addition to license management, Keygen also offers API endpoints to manage your users, as well as the machines they use your app on, which is very useful if you want to implement multiple licenses per-user (e.g. feature licenses), machine-locked licenses or if you just want to know how many machines each user has.
What was the geography of ancient China like?
As the other answerer has pointed out, this really depends on how ancient we want to go. In terms of the general tectonic pattern, there really was no major difference between China in the 2nd millennium BCE and today. However, some significant geographical changes due to natural disasters, construction of manmade structures, as well as climate changes still need to be addressed:The never-ending channel changes of the Yellow River, with the most significant one being the capture of Huai River’s course in 1128 CE and lasted until the great flood of 1855 CE. Only when we understand the different channel courses of the Yellow River at different periods can we comprehend many major historical events. For instance, the southward shifting of the Yellow River meant ecological deterioration of the previous flood plains in northern China • a trend that was confirmed by the gradual disappearance of many large lakes in Shandong and Hebei during Yuan and Ming dynasty. This created troubles for Song and Ming dynasty as food productions dropped, more importantly the River can no longer be used as a natural barrier against invaders from the north. (Both Song and Ming dynasties fell to conquests from the north) There are broader cultural and societal influences caused by the change of course of the Yellow River, which I think well worth a dedicated book, and thus I will not be detailing here.The creation and disappearance of islands in the Yangtze River Delta and the forming of the current alluvial plain and Chongming Island. Most lands within Shanghai’s territorial boundary today did not exist just a thousand years ago.The degradation and disappearance of Yunmeng Lake, believed to be the largest freshwater lake ever existed in dated Chinese history. The reason of its deterioration were climatic as well as geological. Various theories proposed its maximum boundaries, with estimation of its area ranging from 25,000 to over 40,000 square kilometres. The following image shows the location of Dongting Lake, which some geographers believed to be part of Yunmeng Lake’s remaining.As late as the 7th century, much of the Northeast China Plain was covered by marshlands and everglades that were believed to be the remaining of a large lake that existed during the Pleistocene. The gradual transformation of the marshes into plains was attributed to the Little Ice Age by some scholars (although I personally find that theory flawed).Many ancient books and documents such as Lüshi Chunqiu recorded multiple rivers, lakes, and even mountains that no longer exist today. For instance, among the so-called “Nine Lakes” (??), only three of them still exist or partly exist today; of the “Four Rivers” (??) only the Yangtze River stays in roughly the same channel, while the other three have all experienced significant course changes, the Ji River has even completely merged with the Yellow River. The river systems of northern China changed in a much faster and dramatical manner than those of Southern China.So much for the list now, please expect more updates!
What "irreducibly complex" structures have been proposed by the Intelligent Design community?
That is a very broad question. Basically, it sound like you want us to do the research for a term paper. The first set of “irreducibly complex” structures appeared in Michael Behe’s book Darwin’s Black Box. You should read it to find the list. It appears some fans of Behe have made a list of IC systems on a website: A list of irreducible complex systems I do not see any of the systems Behe mentions in his book. So it is questionable whether they are actually IC.A summary of IC systems mentioned and the scientific response can by found on Wikipedia: Irreducible complexity - WikipediaAnd a list at a creationist web site: Examples of Irreducible ComplexityYou can find many of the responses if you look at reviews of that book: GoogleKR Miller's Review of "Darwin's Black Box"You can find more of Miller’s responses in his book Finding Darwin’s God. He has a whole chapter devoted to Behe.Behe responded: Reply to My Critics: A Response to Reviews of Darwin's Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution. The PDF of the paper is here: http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/vie...The site Evolution News & Views has several articles trying to respond to criticism of IC.The heart of IC structures is that they, allegedly, cannot be made by natural selection. It turns out that Behe used a strawman version of natural selection. This paper • http://www.cbs.dtu.dk/courses/ge... • demonstrated that natural selection can, and does work, by 4 different “routes”. IC structures (as defined by Behe) cannot be reached by one of them. The other 3 will do so.There have also been some scientific papers either watching the evolution of an IC system in real time (a couple published before Behe wrote his book) or deduced from living species:1. BG Hall,Evolution on a petri dish. The evolved beta-galactosidase system as a model for studying evolution in the laboratory. Evolutionary Biology 15: 85-150,1982.2. BG Hall, Evolution of new metabolic functions in laboratory organisms. in Evolution of Genes and Proteins ed. by M Nei and RK Koehn, Sinhouer Associates,Sunderland, MA, 1983. Also described at http://biocrs.biomed.brown.edu/D...3. H. J. Muller, "Reversibility in Evolution Considered from the Standpoint of Genetics," Biological Reviews 14 (1939): 261-80. Muller does not, of course, use Behe's term "irreducible complexity” (since it was written 55 years before Behe coined the term.) Rather he speaks in terms of irreversibility: you can add something extra because it's merely advantageous. But, once it becomes essential, you can't remove it. Irreducible complexity means that evolution is not reversible. Refutes Behe some 55 years before Behe published.4. D Normile, How bacterial flagella flip their switch. Science 291: 2065-2066, March 16, 2022. Flagellar filament made up of 11 protofilaments, each formed by stacking tgether numerous molecules of flagellin. Flagellin comes in L and R forms (right and left handed) and each filament is all one or the other form. BUT, one small sequence of amino acids in flagellin will cause entire molecule to flip from R to L under strain. Is how bacteria change direction.5. Evolution of bacterial flagellum: http://rnaworld.bio.ku.edu/riboz...http://saier-144-51.ucsd.edu/~sa... (exaptation)6. Information via evolution: Schneider, T. D. Evolution of biological information. Nucleic Acids Res 2022 28: 2794-2799. Evolution of biological informationFinding transcription factors: Locating mammalian transcription factor binding sites: A survey of computational and experimental techniques8. Evolution of Hormone-Receptor Complexity by Molecular Exploitation JT. Bridgham, SM Carroll, J W Thornton Evolution of Hormone-Receptor Complexity by Molecular Exploitation Science 7 April 2022. Vol. 312. no. 5770, pp. 97 - 101 PDF file and other papers here: http://www.uoregon.edu/~joet/pub...9. M Buck and MK Rosen, Flipping a switch. Science 291: 2329-2330, March 23, 2022. Describes studies on the motion of proteins that are signalling molecules, including mutations that give activity in the absence of phosphorylation. (also refutes Behe because demonstrates one way to build an IC system).Ironically, Behe refuted a major claim of IC: that it had to be built by an intelligent designer:"Let me inject a note of caution: some systems require several pieces but not ones that need to be closely matched. For example, suppose you were walking in the woods and came across an old log, where the wind had blown a tree branch onto it, and the branch was perpendicular to the log. Here you have an irreducibly complex system -- a lever and a fulcrum. If there were a boulder nearby, you possibly could use the lever and fulcrum to move it. So some systems require several parts but not closely matched ones." Michael Behe, Intelligent design theory as a tool for analyzing biochemical systems in Mere Creation, Science, Faith, and Intelligent Design edited by William A. Dembski, 1998, page 179Look at this carefully. Behe is saying that simple and not-well matched IC systems can come into existence by chance. Behe’s (strawman) version of natural selection is that it can only add to a system that already exists. So the IC system can come into existence by chance and then natural selection can make it more complex and “closely matched”. Behe offers no criteria how we can tell the difference between an IC system made by an “intelligent designer” and one that came into existence by chance as simply and not closely matched, but then converted to complex IC by natural selection.Ah, just found some other citations in my files of scientific papers that refute IC:1. RH Fillingame, Molecular rotary motors, Science 286:1687-1688, Nov. 26, 1999. Article describes rotation in ATP synthetase enzyme.2. http://www.the-scientist.library...shows "redundant complexity" and evolution of anti-freeze proteins (one of the routes of natural selection discussed by Thornhill and Ussery above)3. AW Crompton and FA Jenkins "Origin of mammals" in Mesozoic Mammals: The First Two Thirds of Mammalian History, ed. Z Kielan-Jaworowska, JG Eaton, and TM Brown, Berkely: Univ. of California Press, 1979. Discusses in detail the formation of the "irreducibly complex" mammalian middle ear. Includes fossil of mammal-like reptile with double jointed jaw, so it can chew and hear at the same time.4. Atwell eta al. Structural plasticity in a remodeled protein-protein interface. Science 278: 1125-1128, 1997. Shows modification of and its receptor to get a new fit. Researchers artificially changed receptor site. Randomly generated 10 million mutants of 5 amino acids of GH. Got a mutant that fit the modified receptor 100 fold better than the original fit the original receptor. The mutation was in a part of GH that the investigators never thought would be able to restore the fit between receptor and GH.
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