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When I say funeral this is probably what you think of right the cemetery the casket the gorgeous floral arrangements Vin Diesel stylish Lee going to buttons undone on the dress shirt but what if I told you that other than Dominic Toretto's effortless style this was probably the worst way you could dispose of a body this traditional casket in the ground method most of us are used to is what journalist Mark Harris calls a modern burial and that is the chemical embalming of the remains the burial of the body or the placement of the body into a metal casket and then the placing of that casket embalmed body the bottom of the grave that we call the burial vaults that's pretty much the American way of death aside from being a great name for a novel the American way of death actually turns out to be pretty terrible the average cost of modern burial runs on average from ten to twelve thousand dollars although you can talk to families you'll tell you that paid a lot more than that in many cases a lot more this kiss' casket alone will set you back 7 grand no word on if the answer included though the funeral industry has also been known to engage in predatory business practices like selling vulnerable families add-ons and services that they don't need they've also been the subject of a number of class-action lawsuits including one for conspiring to fix the prices of caskets at artificially high prices modern burials are also incredibly wasteful the average gravesite takes up 32 square feet of land in a cemetery and that's just space it uses a staggering amount of resources as well every year we divert enough concrete to the production of those burial vaults to lay two lane highway halfway across the country and every year we divert enough metal for those metal caskets to completely rebuild the Golden Gate Bridge the average 10 acre cemetery contains enough coffin wood to construct more than 40 homes and contains enough toxic formalin which is the main con of embalming fluids to fill a backyard swimming pool which almost sounds kind of fun right grill up some hot dogs toss some diving rings in for the kids to fetch not so fast formal in which is the formaldehyde based preservative solution in Ballmer's use is incredibly toxic OSHA deems it a dangerous carcinand strictly regulates its use and the EPA treats it as a hazardous waste in Ballmer's experience higher levels of brain colon and prostate cancer as well as leukemia to embalm a typical body requires three pounds of this formalin solution and sends 120 gallons of untreated funeral waste directly into the sewage system including blood fecal matter organ fluid and carcinogenic chemicals as well as whatever unknown diseases the body contains okay cool so modern funerals suck but what are the other options well let's start with cremation countries all.

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