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How could someone launder money through construction by inflating building costs?
“Money laundering” is one of those terms used in inconsistent ways such that it is more useful to people who want to mislead than people who want to inform.I have not seen the show, but my understanding is the protagonist’s main job is to take cash generated from drug sales and get it into the financial system such that it appears to be funds from legitimate business operations upon which tax has already been paid. This is one use of the term money laundering.Inflating construction costs beyond what you actually pay leaves you with more money than you can explain legitimately so it can’t launder money in the sense above. You would have to understate building costs, say by paying some contractors off the books in cash. You could build yourself a $5 million mansion that you claim cost only $1 million to construct; thereby laundering $4 million of drug money. But unless you were very religious, why would you do this with a church?If you’re overstating the cost of construction it’s more likely being done for an opposite use of the term money laundering, to disguise the purpose to which you put legitimately acquired money.For example, suppose you want to bribe politicians. The straightforward and common way to do this would be to build or remodel a house for them, and understate the costs that you bill them. To make up the difference to the contractors, you could also hire them to build a church, and overpay them for that. So the Senator gets a $5 million mansion he pays $1 million for, and a $5 million is officially spent on building a church that actually costs only $1 million.A church is a nice choice for this because you can probably deduct the bribe from your taxes as a charitable contribution. A church that you never finish is particularly good, because you don’t even have to spend $1 million in real money, you could just pay a few people minimum wage to show up in hard hats now and again to move stuff around a little (some of your bribe money could go to local building or zoning regulators to tie up the project in endless delays, or even cheaper, pay local greens to protest the site). Then whenever you wanted to bribe someone, you would purchase services for them and tell the service provider to bill it to the church.A church is also nice because you don’t have to justify the business purpose of the expenses. If you want to give someone a piece of artwork, or a brick of gold, or a truckload of mescaline—all you have to say is that it’s for religious purposes. If you were building a Little League baseball field, it would be hard to explain those things. Moreover since people actually might want a baseball field, they might complain about the delays; many people are happy in theory that churches are built, but are in no hurry to attend one.
Can a non-profit change its fiscal year?
Yes, a nonprofit organization may change its fiscal year.In the United States, the organization's board of directors will usually approve the change of fiscal year and amend the organization's by-laws accordingly. Then the organization files its next Form 990 with the new fiscal year (a short year).The organization does not need to ask the IRS for permission to change its fiscal year unless the organization has changed its fiscal year within the last ten years.Depending on the state in which the organization is registered to solicit charitable registrations, the organization may also need to notify the state of its fiscal year change.I did this with a nonprofit organization I worked for several years ago. It's a fairly simple process. Feel free to ask follow up questions if you like.
Take a look at GiveCentral Go • The best way to receive donations online.When it comes to giving, distance and time shouldn’t matter.We often hear from our community about the challenge of keeping up with donors and keeping them engaged. All that while you are focusing on your mission. We heard you and have created GiveCentral Go • an app that helps make progress with your fundraising more efficiently will less stress.With no additional set-up required at your end, GiveCentral Go enables your payments to go mobile, just like your donors. So, let’s get started.Download here: iOS and Adroid;"How difficult is it for a STEM OPT student (with one year left) to get a CAP-Exempt H1B visa from a non profit organization?"
Cap-exempt visa is very easy to get if you get job in either univeristy or other non profit. The good part is cap exempt H1B can be applied at anytime of the year and once approved you can start the job. Now I am not sure if it can be transferred or you have to apply for new H1B.
How can I get developers to code for a non-profit organization dedicated to helping entrepreneurs?
Science, engineering and computer science projects for hands on learning:http://www.instructables.com/http://makerfaire.com/http://www.sparkfun.com/tutorialsCamps where kids do tech workshops:There has been a growing publicity on tech camps for youth as well, here is a detailed recent article with a number of references from the NYTimes http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/1...National organizations offer guides for parents and teachers:http://www.nsta.org/http://www.ncwit.org/http://www.nasa.gov/audience/for...Science museums often offer free classes for the public, for example in the Bay Area:http://www.exploratorium.edu/http://www.zeum.org/http://lawrencehallofscience.org/
How does a non-profit organization raise funds?
Here’s the typical scenario look likeTell your story: Telling your story engages your listener and educates them at the same time. Start with a powerful elevator speech • a 30 second version of who your organization is and what you do. Focus on how you’re changing lives. Make a story which a donor can relate to, say how your non profit is helping.Ask for a gift. No matter how wonderful your nonprofit is, you must ask for a gift. I suggest you ask several times during the year, and use a variety of strategies (like events, letters, and face-to-face asks). Tie the ask to something tangible if possible.Example: your gift of $1.81 will provide a homeless person with a hot meal Your gift of $10 will provide a Tiger a week’s food.Thank the donor. If you don’t get anything else right, get this piece right! Send out a thank-you letter to each donor within 2 days if possible. Add a hand-written note a few days later or a phone call.A timely, warm thank-you letter serves many purposes. First, it lets the donor know you got their check. Second, it builds trust and relationship, which are two keys to fundraising. You can include a short paragraph about how you will use the donor’s gift to further engage the donor.Build relationships. You must build relationships with donors if you want to Get Fully Funded. One key to building relationships is to maintain regular communication. Have you ever had a friend that the only time you heard from them was when they wanted something? Do you want to show up like that to your donors? Create a plan for how and when you will communicate with your donors.Also, the first step would be to setup online fundraising. (I recommend Donorbox for the same)Here’s some of the good resources which can help you113+ Amazing Fundraising Ideas (Easily Raise $5,000+)Follow nonprofit experts on twitter 15 Nonprofit Experts to Follow on TwitterUnderstand Why People Donate
How do I profit from a non-profit organization?
It’s pretty simple. I think by “how do I profit from a non profit oganization” what you really mean is can you get paid for the work to run it. Yes you can. In a for profit corporation, lets say you run a small burger joint. You pay yourself a salary and pay all your other expenses, payroll, electric, rent, business loan, equipment, maintenance, supplies, etc. After all of that is paid, if you still have money left in your business account, that is what is called the profit. You paid yourself a salary but there is still profit left over. In a for profit corporation, you can then take the profit as a shareholder distribution or dividend. In a non profit, you can not take the left over money, you have to reinvest it, carry it over, or donate it to another charity, but you can still pay yourself a salary during the year. You can also pay yourself a year end bonus as do CEO’s in for profit corporations. With all of that said, if your goal is to get charitable donations so you will not have to work, that will not happen unless you break the law. You have to take a reasonable salary and to get the donations and run the non profit will take a lot of work.
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