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How to complete any Form 1128 online:

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  3. Add your own info and speak to data.
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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Automatic approval change in tax year

Instructions and Help about Automatic approval change in tax year

What's up fellow dropshippers in today's video I want to show you how to fix eBay's new automatic return policy now right off the bat I want to tell you there is no way to opt out or turn off this new policy but there is a way to fix all the problems that it causes so for those of you who don't know about this new policy as of October of 2022 eBay has made it easier for buyers to return items that they have buyers remorse for that is items that they just decided they don't want or maybe they order too many of them or they bought it by mistake those types of situations now when a buyer says that's the reason they're returning it eBay automatically approves the return sounds great but there's two big problems with it the first only applies to eBay dropshipping the second applies to every eBay seller so first for dropshippers we don't want items being sent to our own home and when these returns are approved by eBay eBay sends the buyer the option to print out a return label that has your address on it so you're gonna get these boxes delivered to your house which you don't want because you want them sent right back to your supplier directly and some of you live overseas or you're not even at home maybe it's being sent to your parents house or a friend's house and that's not cool at all so that's a big problem the second problem is applies to all of you base sellers and I think it's even a bigger problem and that's that it really annoys the customers and let me show you an example so when this when this returns gets approved this is the kind of email you're gonna get it says hi Paul the buyer is returning the product / eBay's policy this return has been automatically approved great but let's say the customers got the item and decided that it's a piece of junk and they don't want it so they choose just didn't like the item when they returned it and now they're being told they have to pay both a restocking fee and the the return shipping now they're a mad buyer for instance this guy this was from last week he said found a better price better brand and lower price he wants a full refund to PayPal no charge for restocking fee full amount refunded you will get negative feedback your small businesses at ripoff I will not pay a restocking fee complete full refund your counteroffer as a complete ripoff your business is a US disgrace to eBay ah this guy's angry and the problem is if he had if I had gotten a chance to talk to him before this return was approved I would have told him look man we're gonna we're gonna fix this for you this is a cheap item I'm.

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